Season 3 - Mastering Self Expression and Leadership with Christa Dahlke - Episode 29

Christa Dahlke has been in the recruiting and consulting industry for 20 years now. She helps people find the job of their dreams and save clients hundreds of hours by finding the right match the first time for their open technology positions. One of the Project Manager consultants she placed in 2012 just reached out last week and said “I had such a great experience working with you and your Kforce team the last time you placed me, I had to call you first when I was looking again. What do you have for me this time?”. My boss, Marc, calls me at least 2x week (outside my regular one on one with him) just to ask “what new adventure or miracle did you cause today”

She has gone through a lot of ups and downs in life, especially with the view of herself. Needing to prove herself and her worth Christa has had to work really hard at everything and although that can lead to some success, there can be emptiness and exhaustion with that too.  

She had a few pivotal defining life events that has set the foundation for her discovering herself and her passion when she was 40 and her life has taken off since then. 

She loves empowering people to go after what they want and having them see how great they are.

Show Notes: 

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Christa Dahlke

Christa Dahlke

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