Season 3 - I Choose Love with Stephanie Armstrong - Episode 28


Stephanie Armstrong is a coach, specializing in working with moms and teens, helping families come of age together. She has walked through her own fires and has inspired hundreds of women with her radical transparency about her experiences. 

As a former ‘it’ girl who seemingly had it all, but was secretly crumbling on the inside, she knows the heavy burden of teenage years and perfectionism, and also know the joy that comes from discovering the whole self.

After realizing that her experiences could help others, Stephanie began speaking in schools and conferences around the country. She has since spoken to over 200,000 teen girls, parents, and experts about self-esteem and body image, among other important issues for women and girls. 

As a speaker, Stephanie was flooded with intimate stories of struggle from both teen girls and women all over the country. She saw that both women and teen girls were hungry for the same kind of transformation in their lives.  So in 2013 Stephanie officially launched Heart of Leadership, a non-profit whose mission is to help teens navigate the pressures of our achievement culture so that they can create a vibrant and sustainable future.

Her formal training includes a Masters Degree in Executive Leadership from the University of San Diego and coaching training with the Co-Active Institute.

Show Notes:

Stephanie's Website , Heart of Leadership

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Stephanie Armstrong

Stephanie Armstrong

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