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Season 6 - Spirit in Motion with Cycling Champion Maureen Manley - Episode 62

Maureen’s exceptionalism first came to international attention as a world class cyclist.  She had no preconceived limits on what she could accomplish as a member of the US Cycling Team.  She won a National Championship, set a national record, earned a silver and bronze medals at the national level.  She won a silver medal in the World Championships and had her eye on the 1992 Olympics.  

At the height of her cycling career, her dreams came to an abrupt halt with the sudden onset of a colossal health challenge.  The headlines read, “Manley’s Olympic dream is dashed.”  The journey down one road ended.  Another began.  A journey filled with compelling life lessons that strengthened her understanding and belief in the power of the human spirit.

The courage, determination and resourcefulness that had fueled her amazing athleticism became instrumental in her healing process.  She did not let her physical setback stop her from living the life she desired.

In addition to her Exercise Science Degree she obtained a Master’s degree in Whole Systems Design.  She began to understand and develop effective ways to deepen and broaden her knowledge and application of holistic high-performance strategies that would help produce the outcomes she desired. 

Her journey led her to become a creative force – a gifted corporate professional speaker and peak-performance wellness and business coach.  Maureen’s passion for excellence and her authentic presence have led her to inspire audiences from coast to coast. 

In her program, The Cycle of Success, Maureen shows her audiences how to gain the winning edge by harnessing the power of both grit and grace. 

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Maureen Manley Website, LinkedIn

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Season 5 - Insights from this Two-Time World Championship Finalist with Katina Hunter - Episode 46

Katina Hunter has spoken all over to audiences spanning the generation spectrum & in front of people all over the world as one of the Top 10 Speakers in the World Championship of Public Speaking in both 2016 & again in 2017. Her theatrical background comes through in her boisterous presentations & motivational speeches. 

Described as "Maverick!" with speeches that are "... for the history books," Katina is a masterful storyteller with a knack of revealing the special from within the simple.

When she first joined Toastmasters 4 years ago, her goal was to just become more comfortable speaking. She wanted to move past the racing heart & dry mouth that suffocated her when in front of audiences. Katina didn't even know that there were speaking competitions. Now, such a short time later, Katina has not only overcome her fear, but she's a world-wide speaking competitor & coach. In 2016, Katina beat out over 32,000 other competitors to reach the Finals Stage in Washington, DC - as one of the top 10 speakers of the world. Last year in Vancouver, she did it again & is a two-time world champion finalist. 

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Katina Hunter Speeches

Katina Hunter Website

Katina Hunter

Katina Hunter

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