Here's just a small sampling of causes we've helped support over the years.

Wisdom of Friends Community supports projects and causes that we believe will have the biggest impact on humanity in the future:

  1. Human Consciousness

  2. Human Rights

  3. Human Privileges

Wisdom of Friends Community is purposeful in it's efforts to help elevate human consciousness at the individual, community and organizational levels for the betterment of humanity with social causes like promoting happiness, engagement, peace, love, compassion, arts and culture.

In the area of human rights, we partner with organizations, entrepreneurs and nonprofits to promote and help with fundraising in the areas of healthcare, education, clean water, hunger and poverty eradication around the world.

And our third area of focus is to take a stand for  human privileges. We support projects and causes to help conserve our planet by fighting climate change, advancing wind and solar energy projects, and protecting our natural resources.



Human coNSCIOUSNESS (Focus areas)

  1. Happiness, Engagement, Peace, Love, Compassion

  2. Science and Spirituality

  3. Arts and Culture


hUMAN Rights (Focus areas)

  1. Health Care

  2. Education, clean water, hunger and poverty eradication around the world.

  3. Civil Rights


Human PRIVILEGES (focus areas)

  1. Environment

  2. Protect our Earth

  3. Natural Resources