Season 1 - Faith, Belief and Social Identity with Randy Stimpson - Episode 004

 Randy Stimpson

When Randy was born his mother and father were only 15 and 17. They married and divorced before he could remember, neither graduating from high school. At the age of 12, Randy was reintroduced to his father who communicated to him the Mexican work ethic and the value of extended family.  Randy's mother was alcoholic and bipolar but also very altruistic and liberal with love, acceptance, and forgiveness. At the age of 14 Randy, though raised in a non-religious home, converted to Christianity and by the time he finished high school wanted to become a minister but also was strongly pulled to be a Math Professor. Early in college, he had to choose and he chose math which later led him into computer science.

After graduating from the University of Washington with a Masters Degree in Applied Math and Computer Science, Randy began his career as a software engineer. More significantly though, Randy focused on applying his Christian faith to issues of justice. As part of his commitment, he vowed to never use his engineering skills to make something that kills people. He also served as a World Concern Alpha Group member. sponsored refugees from Eritrea and Poland through World Relief, and served as Bread for the World's second district coordinator for the state of Washington. In his mid-thirties, Randy shed his Christianity but not his belief in God and his pursuit of justice.

Randy's favorite strategy to pursue justice is to make friends, because friendship leads to empathy and understanding, which in turn lead to peace and justice.

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