Season 1 - Overcoming Grief and Pain with Resilience - Joel Holc- Episode 003

Joel Holc

Joel Holc was born in Argentina. 

At age 3 he moved to Israel with his family.  After a childhood in Israel, he spent his early 20’s traveling the world;  mostly in Europe and South America  

He ended up in New York and decided to live in United States

As a child he grew up with dyslexia and it heavily shaped his point of view towards life. 

Joel got married in his late 20’s and had two children. Shortly thereafter the marriage ended and he raised his children as a single dad

By his late 30’s, he was diagnosed with MS.  For a couple of years, he was treated with conventional medicine 

When he heard the news of his diagnosis, he sold his business and went into the real estate business.  A second marriage happened during this period and when that relationship ended, he started his awakening with a commitment toward health and spirituality. 

After having only a little success with conventional medicine, he decided to start his journey of healing himself organically; emotionally, spiritually, & mentally.

Today he lives pain free and has been blessed with opportunity to work with multiple people in supporting them in healing themselves.  

Joel is currently working on a book of his life’s journey. He enjoys his real estate profession and also the role of a life coach.

Joel Holc
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