Season 5 Intro - Compelling Speakers: The Art of Public Speaking - Episode 45

Hello Folks;

Welcome to Season 5 of the Wisdom of Friends Show. I am your host Kal Aras. The theme for this season is an extension of Season 4 : Compelling Speakers – The Art of Public Speaking

In this season, we are going to learn the tricks and trades of Public Speaking and Presence from some of the top notch speakers in the world.  I have tried to focus on an eclectic mix of speakers from the realm of business, arts, and spirituality. Each of these speakers has established their mark as professionals within their industry, and they share some of the universal principles and best practices of being a world class speaker.

Having gotten to know these inspiring and fascinating people who I consider to be dear friends, a pattern began to emerge - they seem to share some common traits like Charisma and Presence; a Passion for outstanding contribution, and a commitment to mastery.

As these powerful leaders share their personal journey and stories, we get to learn and model their mindset, their skills set and their heart set. You will learn and discover a blueprint for your own success with concepts like:

1.       How to become appealing and effective by telling compelling stories that inspire and motivate?

2.       The path to influence through Presence - a balance of strength and warmth

3.       How we can learn to win the admiration, respect, and affection we desire and

4.       The nuts and bolts of public speaking

Regardless of whether your goal is to educate, fundraise, inspire teams, build an award-winning culture, or to deliver memorable presentations, these interviews will help you gain a competitive advantage.

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Wisdom of Friends - Top Podcast

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