Why should people listen to the Wisdom of Friends Podcast?

Below are a few of the many reasons from our amazing listeners and guests on the show when asked as to Why people should listen to the Wisdom of Friends. 

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"I've listened to many of these & it reminds of how fascinating each person is when we take the time to listen & know them more! I "walk away" inspired & with practical tools to apply to my own pursuits. Keep em' coming! " - Kari Darnell, Key Account Manager

"This is an opportunity for you to learn more about what makes people tick than listening to the sound bites that they utter. There are a lot of wise people out there. But life experiences are where this wisdom comes from and if you want to grow to the point where you can be sharing with others, learning about the path that others took is very important" - Jim Sultan, Principal, Lead Trainer at Connect4Effect

"Oh, because it’s a great opportunity to get wisdom, to learn from other people that have been through experiences that you might not have been or you might never have been. But I think we all have a different experience and it’s one great way to learn about things" - Jemma Brown, Strategic Graphic Design Consultant, Working Art

"I think because I know you and I know what you’re going to do is quality work and my motto on my Mental Mastery book, one of the mottos in there was when you’re learning, you’re living and I believe that. Life is about learning and I know whoever you have these interviews with and the type of questions that I’ve already experienced, this is such great learning. So if an individual just wants to get a broader perspective of who they are in the world, what does matter and how can I get there and – oh my gosh. You have so much to learn. So I would seek out the best resources I can to learn and to apply it to myself and I love watching autobiographies on TV or wherever because I love it. I love – I listen to books a lot on tape. So I hope I’m doing exactly what you said. You know, share the thoughts with some people in this interview and if I haven’t, here’s what I’m trying to – if I haven’t, which is the worst case scenario, I’m sitting here in my car by myself. I have a golf lesson starting in 10 minutes after this interview. I scheduled this. I am in such a better mood right now than when I – before I started this interview. So I know I’m fired up to go out and – in the next six hours, I’m going to be out there teaching. So I know where I am. So I can help these students. So I feel pretty good about what you got here in the works". - Missie Berteotti, LPGA Golf Professional

"We are connected with people and energy and we can support each other in our life journey. When we’re ready, those people will open us to each other and the only way to do it is by communicating and I’m sure that some people would listen to this interview and will get no value and some people will listen to this interview and will get a lot of value from that. Either way, it’s fine. It’s an ongoing process for each other to prepare in life is by communicating. I just think that this is a very effective way to communicate." - Joel Holc, Co-Owner at Lakeview Capital LLC

"Bill and I might have said it this way. Every person you meet knows something that you don’t know. You don’t know what you’re going to learn from another friend. That’s the – I would say it’s the biggest reason why" - Randy Stimpson, Software Developer and Entrepreneur

"Well, I think we should listen to the wisdom of anybody and wisdom is putting your – the lessons that you’ve learned into practical use. That’s what I believe wisdom is. So when we can take all the crud and the garbage that we’ve had to endure and we can turn it into something positive and good, that’s wisdom and we all have those experiences. So listening to each other, learning from each other, sharing our experiences with each other and – there’s nothing more valuable than that and that plays into that aspect of friendship is having friends that are close enough that you can share your history with and learn theirs and find out that we really all have the same thing in common. Our challenges may be different but they are devastating at times. But they’re all something that will lift us and make us better if we make the right choices after the tragedy. So that’s why I believe friends are important and I wish I had more actually. But yeah, like my – the wisdom from my friends is something that I cherish" - Jackie Bailey, President at Emerald City Consulting USA

"Not only because the title is phenomenal but you do really good works. So why wouldn’t they listen? Why wouldn’t they want to be inspired? Why wouldn’t they – we all need more wisdom. We all need more peace. We all need more inspiration and motivation. Why wouldn’t they want to listen?" - Joelene Ashker, Professional Sales and Leadership Coach at Southwestern Consulting

Well, wisdom comes to us in so many different packages and not to get yourself in a place of, “Oh, all these people are doing this and doing that. I just don’t know what I want to do. How come I can’t get ahead?” It’s just you can’t be comparing yourself to others and a lot of people’s journeys look really good on the outside. But you never really know what’s going on inside. So don’t get all involved in that. But this is your journey and your time and your voice and your way and you need to figure out what that is and get quiet and ask those questions and you will get those answers. They will come. That’s just to me how the universe works and that’s where the wisdom comes from and yes, all these other people can give us little nuggets and so to receive all of these nuggets is a great gift and then expand on them for your own self, on your purpose and how you would take that message and just turn it a little to fit you perfectly. So there are just many voices out there and they deserve to be heard and listened to, but so do you as the person there who’s still trying to figure things out. - Dharlene Marie Fahl, Author - Poetess - Publisher - Certified Tea Specialist

"I think the biggest thing is hearing people and allowing people to speak their truth and hearing people speak their truth from the heart and I’ve listened to part of one of your podcasts and you have a phenomenal ability Kaushal to really have people be genuine and authentic and you provide that space for them in your interview and I think the kind of people who are going to listen to Wisdom of Friends are people who do want to hear authentic contributory type conversations.I know that those are the kinds of people that you’re inspiring to be on this show and I know that the people who are attracted to this type of conversation will get a lot of benefit and it will totally impact and transform parts of their lives, particularly the parts that are important to them and they want to grow and develop in" - Margaret Bhola, Author & Wellness Coach with Juice Plus+

"What other wisdom is there? Although sometimes I joke. You may even find more wisdom in your enemies. That will stretch your mind a little bit" - David Albert, Chariman, Friendly Water

"Oh wow. So I’ve seen and listened to some of the podcasts that you have, that you put up. In looking at this conversation, as I was mentioning, it has gone all over the place. What comes up for me is it’s kind of like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get and it’s all good, right? This is – what you’ve created here and what you’ve provided an opportunity for, at least for me, is to – is to have something new show up and something wonderful show up. I hope your audience feels that way or has had that experience at least once or twice in our conversation. If not, check out some of the other podcasts because you certainly will. So I know that sounds kind of silly Forrest-Gump-ish. But that’s how it is. That’s how it occurs for me." - Jim McLaughlin, Transformational Business Consultant

"I think people should listen to Wisdom of Friends because it’s down-to-earth. It’s average people who want to do great things, that have great thoughts and have stuff to contribute or have things to contribute to everyone in the world". - Jon Gonzalez, Partner at Deloitte

"So this is a really important point. A long time ago before I went on my personal growth journey, I used to listen to the news every morning as I was getting ready for work. The news is biased towards the negative because people pay attention to negative things and they have to get people to pay attention. So that creates a really negative feeling inside you if you start your day with the news. Then I started listening to sports talk in the morning and that’s a little bit lighter. It’s a little bit more fun. So that was a little better than the news and then what really changed my life is instead of that, every morning, I started listening to a personal development podcast episode in the morning or something related to that and that really, really started changing my life and I think that the Wisdom of Friends Podcast is a really great example of one of those podcasts that can change your life and the best part is that Kal is a great host and he’s coming from the right place. That’s so important and that’s exactly what you need in your life." - Jim Wolfe, Founder, Author, Entrepreneur at Jim Wolfe

Because Kal is an amazing interviewer and he has a lot of amazing people on there. The more you indoctrinate yourself with successful people and joyous – saying joyous words, the more joyous your life is going to be. So listen to Wisdom of Friends and anything else that inspires you - Brett Dupree, Software Test Engineer II at Microsoft