Season 3 - An immigrant's global success journey with Dr. Sameer Joshi - Episode 32

Sameer Joshi joined Siemens, the German tech conglomerate, after acquiring an MBA from UK's top business school and went on to have a distinguished career there, holding several senior management/business CEO positions, and being a member of the company’s exclusive corporate top talent pool. He also holds a PhD in Business Studies

Keen to realize his entrepreneurial aspirations, Sameer started his own venture in the manufacturing space – a conventional “brick and mortar” business, with plant, machinery etc.

Sameer is now an entrepreneur, owning and running several businesses, both online and offline – including the manufacturing company he started initially, an e-commerce/ digital marketing business and a renewable energy consulting business.

As path-breaking technology continues to be close to his heart, Sameer also serves on the advisory board of a Silicon Valley industrial technology company in Palo Alto, CA.

And if this were not all, Sameer has recently discovered a new-found passion: Sharing his professional experience with university-level business studies in a classroom environment. Sameer was recently called upon by an esteemed business school in Europe to assume the professorship for Strategic Management, allowing him to spend a few weeks every semester teaching bright young minds keen to enter the business world after they graduate.

Sameer is married, has an 11-year old son and spends part of any given year in California (Bay Area), Germany (where his family stays) and his native India.

Show Notes: 

Book Recommendations - Think and Grow Rich, Shantaram, The Secret of Getting Rich

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Sameer Joshi

Sameer Joshi

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