Season 3 - The Art of transformation and applied wisdom with Katerina Satori - Episode 33

Katerina Satori is an Entrepreneur, Innovator, Digital Marketer, Best Selling Author, Speaker, and a Transformational Coach who inspires people to value what they have survived in life as powerful lessons, and turn those lessons, skills, and talents into their legacy - becoming an inspired entrepreneur. 

Katerina Satori created and launched three successful brands in wellness, relationships, and online business. She leads virtual and live trainings, masterminds, and transformational retreats. 

She stands for 5 Core Values In Her Life & Business: 
1. Radical Self-Acceptance
2. Bold Self-Expression
3. Fearless Living
4. Owning My Story
5. Standing In My Authentic Power 

Over the last 15 years,  she has assisted hundreds of people to learn to love themselves, step into their power, align with their Soul's Calling, find their soulmates, become inspired entrepreneurs, turn their biggest dreams into a reality, live authentically, and act with awareness, fortitude, and courage. 

Her tools is a mix of ancient esoteric wisdom, such as I Ching, Kabbalah, the Chakra system, shamanic tradition, healing guidance, the modern science of holodynamics, quantum physics, spiritual psychology, and wisdom teachings of Human Design and Gene Keys. 

Show Notes: 

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Katerina Satori

Katerina Satori

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