Season 5 - From communication chaos to profit, performance and productivity - Episode 54

Lisa, founder of Lisa Copeland Communications, is a communication specialist with 25+ years of corporate speaking experience. While maintaining her corporate position, she also leads business teams with radically different perspectives to synergy via customized communication and enhanced understanding of the workplace dynamics.

As a business consultant, workshop facilitator, corporate coach / educator and highly skilled dental hygienist, Lisa’s dynamic presentation style motivates her audience to take action.

Her diverse career path focuses on:  Lisa Copeland Communications consulting, clinical hygiene and corporate education.

Lisa is an international speaker who has presented a wide range of topics to audiences throughout the world. She is a committed member of the National Speakers Association, which promotes the highest standards of professional speaking partnered with lifelong learning.

After working in Singapore for five years, Lisa and her husband relocated to the Northwest.  Her passions in life include triathlons, cycling, swimming, snowboarding, and travel.

Show Notes:

Lisa Copeland -  Website, LinkedIn


Lisa Copeland

Lisa Copeland

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