Season 8 - The Enneagram Expert - Herb Pearce - Episode 78

Herb Pearce, M.Ed., is one of the most knowledgeable and skilled teachers of the Enneagram today. He has taught well over 2000 Enneagram workshops, trainings and presentations to the public and to hundreds of organizations. Having vast experience working as a psychotherapist using this system, Herb Pearce has worked with hundreds of individuals and couples to understand and communicate well to all types of people. He leads team building trainings in companies, is a public speaker, workshop presenter and personal life coach and author of 6 books.

The Enneagram explains 9 different personality types or styles and how each type experiences the world in a very unique way. Having this knowledge is a lifesaver in terms of understanding yourself, understanding the major filter in which others see the world, and learning how to relate to others in ways that are much more effective. You’ll learn the 9 types, discover your type, and gain the knowledge to relate effectively to each of the 9 types. Herb’s teaching style is entertaining, informative and crystal clear.

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Herb Pearce

Herb Pearce

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