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Cathy Fyock is is Your Possibility Partner, providing you with the intensive support you need to get your book DONE.  She is the author of eight published books and several forthcoming books, six workbooks, four e-learning modules, chapters in four books, website tool kits, as well as hundreds of articles, blog posts, white papers, and newsletters, and has mastered the art of getting a book on paper quickly, and then using her speaking and writing to generate revenue streams and create new business opportunities.  She leads her own consulting/coaching/speaking practice and has been a member of the National Speakers Association for more than 20 years.  Cathy has been a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) since 1993.

Prior to this new direction, Cathy has been an Employment Strategist, combining her knowledge of work force issues and her talents as a speaker, consultant and author to inspire business leaders to attract and engage top talent and improve productivity in an aging and changing workplace.  She has worked as the leader of her own firm—Innovative Management Concepts—for more than 20 years, and has been a consultant with several national/regional consulting practices.

She has consistently used her writing skills to promote her business, build credibility, create powerful revenue streams, and establish herself as a thought-leader.  While never picked for the high school newspaper or seen as a “writer” by any of her teachers, she consistently uses writing to build her business, and to help other speakers, consultants, and small business owners use writing to meet their business objectives.

Cathy helps aspiring consultants through her webinars and coaching programs, and supports small business owners, consultants and speakers in leveraging speaking and writing to build their businesses through a variety of services, including her books, webinar programs, one-on-one and group coaching programs, and consulting.

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Cathy Fyock

Cathy Fyock

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