Season 7- From Zelda Wisdom to MaxDaddy with Carol Gardner - Episode 68

She’s back! .... At age 52 Carol Gardner was divorced, depressed and in debt for over a million dollars. Her divorce attorney laughingly suggested that Gardner needed a new chapter in her life and that she now had a choice: get a therapist or get a dog.

Gardner chose ‘DOG.’ And that dog turned her life around. Zelda, a short, stout English bulldog became an instant success, appearing on Hallmark greeting cards, books, calendars, cookie jars and just about every other imaginable product. 

Now at age 72, Carol Gardner is back... this time touting Zelda’s boyfriend, a rescued dog named MaxDaddy. When Carol rescued MaxDaddy, he came to her with a lot of issues such as arthritis and joint pain. In her research to find help for MaxDaddy, Carol was introduced to CBD, the non- psychoactive oil from Hemp.There were small companies producing dog treats and oils containing CBD, but they weren’t up to Gardner’s standards. Fast forward to NOW. Carol and her business partners pulled together a ‘Top Dog’ team of Ph.D. scientists, a marketing verbal/visual master, and two business pros. The results? Gardner’s new company, MaxDaddy Inc., was created to help dogs with anxiety, seizures, arthritis, joint pain, mobility and itching issues. The company now offers MaxDaddy Bark Nuggets and MaxDaddy Bark Dust.

Not only are these CBD products helping MaxDaddy with his joint pain and arthritis, but also CBD is helping his girlfriend, the famous Zelda #3. Zelda is anxious… to say the least. She’s a super star with stage fright and anxiety related issues. MaxDaddy’s CBD Bark Dust has come to the rescue. Zelda was rescued by her own rescue dog boyfriend, MaxDaddy.

The future for Gardner’s new company?  Zelda thinks the future for both MaxDaddy and Gardner is looking grrrrreat!

Show Notes: 

Carol Gardner websites:  MaxDaddy,   Zeldawisdom

Carol Gardner

Carol Gardner

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