Season 6 - A story about commitment and retiring young with Galina Lipina - Episode 58

Galina Lipina, is a coach at "Turning Point"and she specializes in supporting successful professionals who want more in life, who are ready to uplevel.

She has been though a few transitions in life (moved to US all by herself at the age of 24 , transitioned from a job to being a consultant to then retiring at the age of 33) 

She supports her clients with:

  • Clarity. Defining the next goal.
  • Fulfillment. I will help you get clarity on your fulfillment and make sure it is integrated into your next goal.
  • Freedom. Eliminating have to's and should's, and design your life around your wants and meant to be's.
  • Unique lifestyle and goal design that peels away all conditioning of what you are supposed to be and do and connects you to what's your unique way of living your life.
  • Getting unstuck to live the bigger version of you.
  • Strategy. Developing the most effective strategy to get there. 
  • Action. Defining the action steps to start and then do it!

Show Notes: 

Galina Lipina's Retirement Story - Website, Facebook

Galina's Speech at Digital Footprint - Atlanta - here

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