Season 5 - Extraordinary Impact with Elisa Hays - Episode 49

Would you like extraordinary leadership at every level in your organization? Then you need to hear Elisa Hays’s astonishing story. After an 18-wheeler truck going 65 miles-per-hour hit her body, she was propelled 90 feet through the air and ultimately into the position she is in now as a speaker, consultant and executive coach empowering organizations, individuals and audiences internationally. With honesty, humor, and heart-wrenching stories Elisa reveals the simple but powerful truths she uncovered through her miraculous survival. She shares the character and choices it took to save lives and rebuild her own after the near-fatal collision that cost her a successful 20-year career as a performer and CEO of a one-of-a-kind entertainment company. By applying her hard-won leadership lessons in leveraging adversity you will grow star performer communities and achieve extraordinary impact with your team – all without the messy bother of actually getting hit by a truck.

Show Notes: 

Elisa Hays: Keynote Speaking, LinkedIn Profile

Elisa Hays

Elisa Hays

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