Season 3 - My Life and My Design with Tamara Ross - Episode 26

With expertise in metaphysical, esoteric and ontological teachings, Tamara is masterful at facilitating people to create and receive ANY result they desire; be it financial wealth, a successful career and/or the relationship of their dreams.  She has mastered her craft as a facilitator and coach to have people move beyond what they think is possible and create the life of their dreams. 

By utilizing her own methodology, Tamara has created the life of HER DREAMS - she is the sole breadwinner for her family, earns a solid six figure income, is consistentlytraveling the world with her husband and 20 month old daughter, all while working less then 20 hours a week.

Tamara believes that everyone has the capacity to create magic and live in abundance so long as they are willing to choose it. 

Show Notes:

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Book and Course Recommendations:  Soul of Money, Access Consciousness, 

Tamara Ross

Tamara Ross

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