Season 2 - Leadership, Coaching and Family Values with Jon Gonzalez - Episode 13

Jon Gonzalez

Born and raised in Washington and currently a Partner (“owner”) at Deloitte – which is the largest professional services firm in the world.

Jon works with Tech and Life Sciences companies including startups in both an audit and advisory capacity. He especially loves working with startups including helping them through the Initial Public Offering process. He leads the recruiting process for the firm and enjoys creating an inclusive culture in Seattle for the Audit and Assurance practice.

Jon is passionate about children especially in education and sports: He serves as a Treasurer at the Brightwater Waldorf School which is focused on cultivating creative minds, capable hands, and compassionate hearts.

In his spare time, he coaches children's baseball teams. At work and in his personal life, Jon is committed to leadership and personal development, connection, and contribution.  He loves spending time outdoors and traveling.

He has been married to Kim and is a father of three young/energetic boys – Julian – 10, Quinn – 8, and Dominic – 5.

Show Notes:

Book Recommendations: Think and Grow Rich

Jon Gonzalez
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