4 Compelling Reasons to Subscribe to the Wisdom of Friends Podcast with Kal Aras

Are you looking for inspiration in different areas of your life? One of the ways to get inspired is by listening to the experiences of those who have made despite many odds. Wisdom of Friends is one of those places where you can get inspired. Here, a number of inspiring and eclectic people are interviewed to reveal their struggles, goals, and aspirations. If you have been having trouble identifying your purpose, values, and life’s philosophy, you definitely need to subscribe to the Wisdom of Friends site and podcast.

Here are the reasons why you would enjoy listening to this Podcast -

Get inspiration into greater well-being

It has been established that inspired people tend to be satisfied with their lives in the long run. In one scientific study, inspired people reported increased levels of gratitude and purpose in life. In fact, a number of experts suggest that individuals have some level of control on the extent to which they get inspired. Yet others note that it all a spontaneous process you cannot plan for. When exposed to inspirational people, you have no choice but to be inspired.

Get inspiration towards goals and progress

Goal setting isn’t something that you can just do as a whim. It requires inspiration to set the right goals and work towards achieving them. After all, inspired people are more likely to report progress towards their goals. It is not just about being inspiration by the goals but rather in life generally. This is the reason why you should subscribe to the Wisdom of Friends podcast. It will help inspire you in life generally and eventually towards achieving your goals. Also, the more you achieve your goals, the more inspired you will be. If you want to live with a sense of purpose, get inspired today.

Get inspiration for greater creativity

Highly inspired people are also very creative. With time, their self-rating of creativity levels only gets better. Inspired people are likely to produce better poetry, fiction, and scientific literature. They are also open to experience, perform better on SAT verbal scores, are open to new experiences, and show positive behaviors. Writers who are inspired are more efficient and productive. They rarely pause but keep on writing. When you are inspired you will be able to see possibility beyond the observable constraints, which makes you creative.

Get inspired to gain greater meaning

Inspiration cannot be equated to the normal experiences of everyday life. When you are inspired, you have high levels of positive effect and task involvement and lower levels of negative effect. But having a positive effect is not enough. You have to enter the inspired state to get greater levels of spirituality and meaning. Think of inspiration as an awakening to something new, better or very significant. That’s why inspired people tend to derive greater meaning from life than the rest.

If you are looking for inspiration in many areas of your life, look no further than Wisdom of Friends. Start by subscribing on iTunes today. You never can tell how much this will impact your life.